One data space for health

Our vision

One data space for health

As sphin-X, we want to enable active networking and trusting cooperation across all areas of the healthcare system. The overarching goal is to use data to improve healthcare at all levels.


Strengthening innovation in Germany and the EU with data-driven research and development

Further develop and improve products based on data analysis and offer new solutions

Making production and supply chains more efficient, resilient, transparent and sustainable

Improve collaboration with patients and healthcare professionals and simplify interactions

Our values and principles

Health data at the service of the community, innovation and trust

1. Trust in the shared vision: The project is oriented towards the common good and aims to improve the healthcare system through solidarity, networking and continuous learning. Trustworthy technical architecture and governance are fundamental prerequisites. Data protection and the ethical handling of health data are of paramount importance. The project strives for data sovereignty, and the goal is the targeted connection of data to promote the common good.

2. Collaboration, transparency and neutrality: All partners have the same opportunities to participate in the sphin-X data room and discrimination is avoided. Transparency is ensured by the public documentation of applications and players.

3. Realizing innovations and new business models: sphin-X promotes sustainable business models and innovations in the healthcare sector. It enables the cross-sectoral use of data from different parts of the healthcare value chain to support sustainable and fair business models. The project also aims to increase data quality without data owners having to hand over their data.

4. Technology follows function: sphin-X relies on an open system architecture and principles such as data sovereignty and interoperability. It uses recognized standards to ensure interoperability and makes it easy to link data with other sectors.